‘We made it’: Tori Spelling reveals pregnancy crisis

Tori Spelling has kept mum on the details of her most recent pregnancy — a pregnancy that was dominated by life-threatening complications — but she’s revealing all now.


The mother of four, who gave birth to son Finn on August 30, reveals to US Weekly that both she and her unborn child almost died during the grueling pregnancy, which left her in the hospital for 10 weeks and on bed-rest for four months.


Just 20 weeks into her pregnancy with Finn, Spelling was diagnosed with placenta previa, a condition where the placenta covers the cervix, causing massive internal bleeding.


The risk was so high, doctors determined terminating her pregnancy might become an option if the symptoms became catastrophic enough. Spelling’s prior three C-sections and Finn’s conception just a month after giving birth to daughter Hattie were seen as likely reasons for the condition.


“I just remember thinking, I can’t leave three children behind,” the 39-year-old actress revealed to the magazine. Thankfully, Spelling delivered a healthy baby boy, despite some very close calls during the tumultuous pregnancy.


In mid-September, Spelling was once again rushed to the hospital after the scars from her C-section burst open. The actress admits that while the pregnancy was extremely difficult, she cherishes every moment with her son.


“When they put him in my arms, I was like, ‘We made it,'” says the “Craft Wars”host. “We have an insane bond. We’ve been through hell and back.”