The quest for the perfect pout! Lauren Goodger leaves salon with MUCH fuller lips after getting permanent liner treatment

Beauties like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson are admired for their naturally  full lips, and clearly TOWIE star Lauren Goodger wanted in on the action.


The 25-year-old reality star was spotted leaving London beauty salon Tracie Giles on Monday after getting a treatment called the ‘gloss and go’.


Lauren got her lips tinted as well as having a permanent lip liner inked on, so she looks as glamorous as possible 24 hours a day.





And she certainly wasn’t ashamed to admit having had the beauty treatment done, as she happily posed outside the salon in Knightsbridge with her new pout, despite the pouring rain.


She even took to Twitter to thank the beauty specialist for her new smackers.


‘Excuse just been caught in the rain thanks @tracie_giles I’ve joined the gang and had the gloss and go lips x,’ she wrote on her page.


Lip treatments at the high-brow beauty salon aren’t cheap, as the costs start at £695.


And the reality star isn’t a stranger to look-altering treatments.


She underwent rhinoplasty last year to get rid of a bump on her nose, and reportedly spend £4000 pounds on it.


She also lost 4 stone in recent years, after seeing herself back on screen prompted her to start a new diet.


Recently, the 26-year-old took to Twitter to boast about her weight loss.


‘So good be back in essex..Had amazing time at @break3retreats with @LyndseyHarr1son now chilled evening so proud of my 9lbs loss in 4 days x’ she wrote only days ago.’

Lauren took a dramatic turn in her quest for weight loss and revealed she has been ‘juicing’, meaning she’s only been drinking smoothies and vegetable juices.

‘Me n Lyndsey in bed talking about food as we on detox and haven’t eaten since Monday morn!We Juicing, so good for u!Feel so cleansed#juicing,’ she also wrote.

Lauren has now left The Only Way is Essex, but apparently is still on the path to improvement with her latest lip treatment.