Oprah asks Fergie about infidelity rumors

Oprah isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.


On this Sunday’s “Next Chapter,” Oprah sits down with Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and doesn’t shy away from the tough topics.


As Oprah points out in the preview clip for the show, Fergie has been broke, addicted to meth and unemployed. But the one tough time in her life Fergie probably didn’t think Oprah would talk about is her husband’s rumored infidelity.


“Tell me, nine months into your marriage rumors begin to swirl about him being with a stripper. How was that for your marriage? How did you all get through that? Obviously you got through it. You’re still here,” Oprah asked.


Fergie explains it was “difficult” but it brought her and Josh Duhamel closer together. “When you go through difficult times it really makes you stronger as a unit. As a partnership. It does for us anyway. Our love today is a deeper love,” explains Fergie.


The cliff-hanger in the clip is when Oprah asks, “At the time, though, did you ever think about breaking up?”


We’ll have to wait for the answer when the episode airs on Sunday.

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